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Artists' Film Club: Tenderflix

24 Oct 2015

Tenderflix is an international film and video competition. The submission theme for this, the 8th edition, was ‘Futures’.

The shortlisted works are featured in this screening when the first prize of £500 will be announced. The Tenderflix jury includes video collector and foundation director Robert D. Bielecki, Natasha Dack, producer and Tigerlily Films co-managing director; artist David Panos, artist Katarina Zdjelar, Ben Vickers, curator of digital at Serpentine Gallery and Etan Ilfeld, founder of Tenderpixel.

Shortlisted artists include:

Feiko Beckers, Mariken Kramer, Ian Giles, Kirsty Hendry, Lawrence Lek, Jan Manski, Louisa Martin, Rustan Söderling, Natalie Welsh, Zhexi Zhang.


  • Feiko Beckers, A conversation is a risk to lose your own opinion, 2015. HD video, colour, sound, 8 min 33 sec
  • Ian Giles, On the Way to Language, 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 9 min 39 sec
  • Jan Manski, Primal Elements, 2014. HD video, black and white, stereo sound, 6 min 12 sec
  • Kirsty Hendry, A Presumed Unity, 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 4 min 44 sec
  • Lawrence Lek, Unreal Estate (The Royal Academy is Yours), 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 10 min
  • Louisa Martin, Lineaments (The Lighthouse #4), 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 2 min 48 sec
  • Mariken Kramer, Goddess & Concubine, 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 10 min 59 sec
  • Natalie Welsh, Waiting for the Gods, 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 7 min 7 sec
  • Rustan Söderling, Endless September, 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 8 min 42 sec
  • Zhexi Zhang, Lena, 2015. HD video, colour, stereo sound, 10 min


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