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Steven Claydon, Grid & Spike, 2013

Artists' Film Club: Steven Claydon

9 Jul 2014

Steven Claydon’s work nods to the Modernist rhetoric, destabilising historical reference points in an attempt to disrupt the viewer’s feeling of nostalgia. Through the combination of old materials with contemporary elements, Claydon’s work locates itself in a space between the two, engendering a form of artistic diaspora.

Steven Claydon (born 1969 London, UK) lives and works in London. His recent solo exhibitions include: Total Social Objects, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2013); Rat. Pearl. London. Onion, Sadie Coles, London (2012) and Culpable Earth, Firstite, Colchester, UK (2012). Group exhibitions include, Assembly: A Survey of Recent Artists’ Film and Video in Britain 2008-2013, Tate Britain, London (2013); Busted, High Line Commission, various locations on the High Line, New York and SOUNDWORKS, at the ICA, London (2012). In 2015, Claydon will launch a solo exhibition at the Centre D’Art Contemporain Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.

This programme contains flashing imagery 


From Earth, 2005, SD video, colour, sound, 5 min 7 sec (UK)

Cluck Cluck, 2006, SD video, colour, sound, 5 min 31 sec (UK)

The Ancient Set, 2008, SD video, colour, sound, 9 min 6 sec (UK)

The Fictional Pixel, 2008, SD video, colour, sound, 13 min 25 sec (UK)

The Earth at Work, SD video, colour, sound, 2012, 13 min (UK)

A Broken Consort, 2012, SD video, colour, sound, 19 min 6 sec (UK)

Grid & Spike, 2013, SD video, colour, sound, 2 min 14 sec (UK)

Mimicry Systems, 2014, SD video, colour, sound, 3 min 25 sec (UK)

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