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Offering Transmission, 2011 Installation shot, Outpost Gallery, Norwich. 3 graphite drawings on paper, 3 recent episodes of The Simpsons. courtesy Mark Aerial Waller & Rodeo

Artists' Film Club: Mark Aerial Waller

26 Oct 2011

Artists' Film Club is proud to present the work of London-based artist Mark Aerial Waller in conversation with Francis McKee, director of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow.

Mark Aerial Waller is an artist working in video, sculpture and event based practices, based in London. His work explores arcane gateways between reality and fiction, transfigures the distinction between past, present and future, and eradicates any opposition between low and high culture. Waller defies conventional screening formats, integrating sculptural objects and live performances for an experience of cinema defined in spatial and situational terms. He is also the founder of The Wayward Canon, a platform for event-based interventions in cinematic practices.


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