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Artists' Film Club: Jesse Jones

20 Jul 2011

Please note this event is now cancelled

Working in collaboration with students from CalArts' Schools of Theater and Film/Video as well as Los Angeles theater director Chi-wang Yang, Jones' new film titled The Struggle Against Ourselves restages Meyerhold's biomechanical workshops (influential to the pioneering Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein) as they appear in a series of photographs from the 1920s by the Russian photographer Alexander Grinberg. The reconstructed etudes depict the spectacle of movement embedded within radical political ideology while remaining eerily filled with the pathos of the historical past. The Struggle Against Ourselves displays a convergence of Russian revolutionary art and American popular culture by emphasizing the collective human form and synchronicity of movement—brilliantly usurped and reinterpreted in the films of Busby Berkeley. Despite the vast differences in their approach to politics, the pairing of these disparate cultural forms reveals an uncanny resemblance in the representation of the body on film.

Jesse Jones (b. 1978, Dublin) currently lives and works in Dublin, where she received her MA in Visual Arts practices at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology in 2005. Her films and videos have been screened and exhibited internationally in such notable exhibitions as the 11th International Istanbul Biennial. Recent solo exhibitions have taken place at Collective, Edinburgh; Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne; Project Arts Centre, Dublin; and Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

The Struggle Against Ourselves was produced in collaboration with the CalArts Schools of Film/Video and Theater.

After the screening there is a discussion between the artist and Kathy Noble, Curator of Interdisciplinary Projects at Tate Modern.


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