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Isa Genzken, Die Kleine Bushaltestelle (Gerüstbau) Little Bus Stop (Scaffolding),2012

Artists' Film Club: Isa Genzken

13 Dec 2012

The UK premiere of the German artist Isa Genzken’s Die Kleine Bushaltestelle (Gerüstbau) (Little Bus Stop [Scaffolding], 2012) is a unique opportunity to see Genzken perform alongside artist Kai Althoff in a seventy minute absurdist comedy, shot on home video. Die Kleine Bushaltestelle (Gerüstbau) sees Genzken and Althoff performing in a number of roles, including detectives, prostitutes and infants, and was shot in various locations across Europe and America. While both artists are well known for their gallery based practises, here we glimpse the true extent of their talents as they venture into feature length movie making.

The screening will be introduced by ICA Executive Director, Gregor Muir.


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E.g., 05-08-2021