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Artists’ Film Club: Il Trasloco (Moving out of the Future)

3 Nov 2010

Il Trasloco is an independent documentary from 1991, which will be screened with English subtitles for the first time in a UK public institution. The film tells the story of the Autonomia (or ‘refusal of work’) movement that emerged in Italy in the 1960s. Documenting the emptying of the unofficial headquarters of the movement, and narrated by one of its key participants, Franco Berardi, the film is a deeply personal account of the lives of those involved.

The translation and subtitling of this film is by Federico Campagna (Through Europe) and Richard John Jones and was commissioned by Auto Italia South East as a part of the High Performance Dropping Out series. After the screening there will be an in-conversation with Federico Campagna and Richard John Jones.


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E.g., 25-09-2018