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It Looks Pretty From a Distance, Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal, 2011

Artists' Film Club: Anka and Wilhem Sasnal

16 Mar 2013

Unfolding in a secluded Polish village by the woods and a river, It Looks Pretty from a Distance is a love story between a scrapper and a girl. In an air of ubiquitous secrecy the villagers and the couple live their usual dull lives of hardship until the scrapper vanishes. His disappearance triggers a chain of unexpected events. In the strikingly beautiful surroundings, under the scorching sun, human evil surfaces.

Unfortunately the in conversation between Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal and the ICA's Steven Cairns has been cancelled.

Dir. Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal, Poland, 2011, 77 min


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E.g., 21-09-2021