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Art Writing Beyond Criticism

17 May 2008

1 - 6pm

In the light of recent debates addressing the so-called crisis of criticality and criticism, this event examines the problems of contemporary art criticism and alternatives to standardised forms of professional art writing. These alternatives include art writing concerned with fiction, performative or formalised writing processes and also subjectification and subjectivity. The event will focus on writing practices and artists' publications emerging from London that might be thought of as responding to a situation in which art is increasingly 'surrounded' by explanatory, judgemental or informative texts.

1pm - 2.30pm: Art Criticism Beyond Criticism (chaired by Jennifer Thatcher) brings together Andy Hunt, Cedar Lewisohn, Sally O'Reilly and Dave Beech to discuss critical approaches to writing on art.

2.45pm - 4pm: Fictionalising Practice and Politics (chaired by David Burrows): Simon O'Sullivan, John Russell and Maria Fusco talk about their writing practices, publication projects and fiction as a means of addressing aesthetics and politics.

4.30pm - 6pm: Speeding, Cutting and Correction Fluids (also chaired by Burrows): Paul Buck, Neil Chapman and John Cussans of Bughouse will give presentations exploring art writing through material, temporal and collaborative processes.

The Plastazine Fantazine fanzine will be available at the event, presenting writing, drawings and diagrams addressing the themes of the day.

In association with David Burrows at Birmingham City University.


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