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Art Party, dir Bob and Roberta Smith, Tim Newton, 2014

Art Party

21 Aug 201412 Nov 2014

In 2011, artist Patrick Brill (known creatively as Bob and Roberta Smith) made waves in the art world with Letter to Michael Gove, an oversized painted-word response to the Education Secretary’s proposed eradication of art from the British school syllabus.

In his feature film Art Party, Smith builds on his 2011 protest with a mix of performance, interviews and imagined scenes en route to the 2013 Art Party Conference, where he and other speakers championed the importance of art and its place in the education system. Part documentary, part road movie and part political fantasy, Art Party ultimately asks 'how do you tell one man he’s got it wrong?

Art Party: An Interview with Bob and Roberta Smith

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Art Party, dir Bob and Roberta Smith, Tim Newton, UK  2014, 80mins

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