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Art Fund Curatorial Seminar at fig-2: In Pursuit of the Curatorial: Politics of Display

16 Apr 2015

As part of the collaboration between fig-2 and the Art Fund, fig-2 will be hosting eight public seminars, conceptualised by Art Fund Curator Fatos Ustek.

This eight-part seminar series will explore the curatorial pursuit and eloquence of expression in curating today. Inspired by the structure of fig-2, changing the rules of display of ideas weekly, if not daily, the artist changes every week. The exhibition is not a singular presentation of works or a consistent message, but is instead composed of several constellations, each revealing how one object put next to another could provoke different readings of both. Each seminar will concentrate on one theme in particular with assigned reading announced in advance on the website, and will be led by Fatos Ustek.

The third of the eight-part seminar series with the title Politics of Display will investigate the charged liminal space between a work of art and audience, and the art institution. Bringing forward Ivan Karp and Steven D. Lavine’s publication Exhibiting Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Display, the seminar will focus on the relationship of representation, cultural relic within the participation.


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E.g., 30-07-2021