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Apocalypse Soon? Iran and the World in 2008

17 Jan 2008

With the US funding arms to the Gulf Arab States and the rhetoric from both sides hardening, some see war with Iran as inevitable in 2008. But beneath the sound and the fury, what is really going on? Are America's presidential frontrunners gearing themselves up for a historic shift in policy? What is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad planning in Iraq, and what will Israel do to stop Iran going nuclear?

Speakers: Jon Snow, Channel 4 News; Ali Ansari, professor at the University of St Andrews and author of Confronting Iran: The Failure of American Foreign Policy and the Roots of Mistrust; Kasra Naji, author of Ahmadinejad: The Secret History of Iran's Radical Leader; Ran Gidor, political counsellor, Embassy of Israel. Chair: Jonathan Steele, Senior Foreign Correspondent for the Guardian and author of Defeat: Why They Lost Iraq.


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E.g., 18-08-2018