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Antony Clayton + Boom

12 May 2011

As part of the Nathaniel Mellors: Ourhouse exhibition, Nathaniel Mellors and Strange Attractor Journal editor Mark Pilkington have assembled a series of weekly events, consisting of a talk and a film, exploring some lesser-known intersections of culture, history, mind and nature.

You can book for either the talk or film seperately, or both together for a reduced rate.

Talk: Legends of Underground London with Antony Clayton, 7pm
From swine in the sewers to cannibals on the tubes via Jack Cade's cavern and the bunkers under the ICA, Antony Clayton asks what lies beneath the city streets.

Film: Boom, 8.30pm
A film that explores the confrontation between a wealthy woman and penniless poet.
Dir Joseph Losey, 1968, 112 mins, 35mm


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E.g., 22-09-2018