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Image: The Anti-tourist's Guide to Siberia

The Anti-tourist's Guide to Siberia

2 May 2008

'Anti-tourist' and author of cult hit Lost Cosmonaut Daniel Kalder reports on his latest expedition into the planet's dark side - an epic voyage to the heart of Siberia where he lived among the 4,000 followers of Vissarion Christ, all of whom are calmly awaiting the apocalypse at the foot of a holy mountain. Now back in civilisation, Kalder will give a talk illustrated with photographs on the nature of lives spent teetering on the brink of doomsday, and also pass along a message from the traffic-cop turned messiah himself. Join him for these and other anecdotes from the other bizarre journeys in his new book Strange Telescopes.


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E.g., 23-09-2018