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Ronald Neame, The Million Pound Note, 1954

Anthony Peck Introduces The Million Pound Note

17 Jun 2014

We welcome Anthony Peck, who will introduce a 35mm screening of the film which was the first collaboration between his father, Hollywood screen legend Gregory Peck, and Savile Row tailoring houseĀ Huntsman.

The Million Pound Note has been programmed to coincide with London Collections: Men and the Huntsman in-store exhibition dedicated to their five decade sartorial relationship with Peck. It is based on a short story by Mark Twain, which was adapted in a screenplay by pioneering documentary filmmaker Jill Craigie, who apparently considered it her best work.

In London, 1903, two old and extremely prosperous brothers draw a currency note for one million pounds from their bank. They need it to settle an argument. One of them believes that such a note would be useless to any poverty-stricken man, the other believes that just by possessing it (and never cashing it) one could live like a lord. They decide to test their theories, and select a penniless young American (Gregory Peck) to be their victim.

Still pertinent in its exploration of attitudes to wealth, where the belief that someone is rich leads to yet more wealth, elements of the plot of The Million Pound Note will also be familiar to those who have seen Trading Places (1983).

The Million Pound Note, dir. Ronald Neame, USA 1954, 89 mins

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