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Of Animacy Reading Group

Of Animacy Reading Group: Feminist New Materialism and Speculative Realism

27 Sep 2017

The second gathering of the Of Animacy Reading Group will explore overlaps and tensions between associated yet different fields of discourse as an attempt to establish elements of a shared language to ground future conversations. With a specific focus on feminist new materialism and speculative realism, the selected readings trace the positioning of the body, nature and science in past and present articulations of feminist thought.

  • Key text: Rebekah Sheldon, 'Form/Matter/Chora: Object-Oriented Ontology and Feminist New Materialism’, The Nonhuman Turn, ed. Richard Grusin (University of Minnesota Press, 2015)
  • Further reading: Deboleena Roy and Banu Subramaniam, ‘Matter in the Shadows: Feminist New Materialism and Practices of Colonialism’, Mattering: Feminism, Science, and Materialism (New York University Press, 2016)

Excerpts of the text will be read together during the session to support open discussion

For access to and further information on the readings, please email

This monthly reading group led by curator Nella Aarne thinks through feminist engagements with human and non-human agents in the material world. The reading group meets every month at the ICA and is always open to all


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