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C.W. Winter & Anders Edström, The Anchorage, 2010

THE ANCHORAGE + Q&A with directors C.W. Winter and Anders Edström

7 Jun 2015

"...A film that forces and rewards close attention..." Dennis Lim, Artforum

"...Visceral...Hardscrabble...Productively modest...This is a vanguard destination, yet one never gets the impression that the filmmakers are straining to overturn categories or push beyond boundaries...The Anchorage performs a gentle end-run around our expectations, visually as well as dramatically...One of the key films of the year." Adam Nayman, Cinema Scope

The film is presented in 35mm for its first ever London screening. There will be a Q&A with directors Anders Edström and C. W. Winter following the film.

Shot in Sweden's Stockholm Archipelago, The Anchorage describes the life of a woman, Ulla (Ulla Edström), over the course of three fictional days. On the face of it, it's a film about the landscape that she inhabits, her passage of time on a rugged forest island and the appearance of an unfamiliar hunter who disturbs her quiet corner of the world.

"...Films in the style of The Anchorage can easily evaporate into thin air, their focus on the rhythms of quotidian life an excuse for a lack of daring and substance. The Anchorage doesn't simply avoid this trap; its mysteries are uncommonly profound and deeply felt. Its depiction of a woman entrenched in solitude is not just contemplative but unbearably tense. And Winter and Edström don't simply evoke transience and fragility, dread and fortitude; they capture these invisible states through delicate yet haunting images that render them startlingly visible." Michael Joshua Rowin, Artforum

The Anchorage, dir. C.W. Winter & Anders Edström, USA, Sweden 2010, 87 mins.


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