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Amreeka, Dir Cherien Dabis, 2009


13 May 20115 Jun 2011

'Charming and laidback' Total Film
'Impossibly sweet' Time Out

A crowdpleaser at both the Cannes and Sundance film festivals, this story of a non-Muslim Palestinian woman who leaves her homeland for the US is a clear-eyed and warmly engaging drama that deals directly with the immigrant experience. Set in 2003, director Cherien Dabis draws on her own experience as an Arab living in America during the Persian Gulf war to study the process of assimilation attempted by Muna (Nisreen Faour) and her young son Fadi (Melkar Muallem) when she starts a new life in the Chicago suburbs with her sister. Muna has her up and downs, mirrored by Dabis’s blend of comedy and drama, and the film brings all the conflicting emotions and experiences together in an assured fashion.

Released by Dogwoof

Dir Cherien Dabis, USA 2009, 96 mins, some subtitles, cert 15, digibeta


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