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Joachim Lafosse, After Love, 2016

After Love

4 Nov 201610 Nov 2016

Marie (Bérénice Bejo, Populaire) and Boris (director turned actor Cédric Kahn) are the loving parents of delightful twin daughters, but their own relationship is anything but happy. Affluent Marie wants unemployed Boris out of the apartment that she bought and he renovated, but he can’t afford to move. Director and co-writer Joachim Lafosse has excellent form chronicling fraught relationships with Our Children and Private Property, and here he applies an added dimension of claustrophobia: almost the entire film takes place inside the family’s home, with the pitch of their rancour steadily rising. Much of this is driven by Boris’s demand to be paid half the property’s value if he is to stop sleeping on the sofa and leave – but it’s all further complicated by his enduring love for Marie.

AFTER LOVE Trailer | Festival 2016

After Love, dir., Joachim Lafosse, France/Belgium 2016, 101 mins, French with English subtitles.

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