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Stages of Mourning, Sarah Pucill, 2004

Aesthetic Queeries

23 Jun 2012

Part of Open City Docs Fest 21-24 June 2012, this programme of short documentaries queers the aesthetics and forms of filmmaking as well as exploring and documenting queer lives, staged reality, psychological states and audience participation and reaction. From the cut-up techniques of Daniel McIntyre and Ruth Novaczek, the camp aesthetic of George Kucharʼs documentary ode to his dog, the DIY punk of Pitbull Productions to the delicate formalism of Sarah Pucillʼs meditation on grief, is there such thing as a queer aesthetic?

Barbara Hammer think there is and a rare screening of Audience celebrates the twentieth anniversary of this film in which Hammer turns her camera on her audience(s), chronicling three film and lesbian 'scenes' at her screenings: politicised San Francisco, expressive Montreal and a more sombre London still finding its voice.


  • Marijuana Moment Pitbull Productions a.k.a. Bev Zalcock, Sara Chambers 2000 / UK / 3 mins
  • Fast Friends Pitbull Productions a.k.a. Bev Zalcock, Sara Chambers / 2000 / UK / 3 mins
  • The Mongreloid George Kuchar / 1978 / USA / 9 mins
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come Daniel McIntyre / 2011 / Canada / 12 mins
  • Nice Coloured Girls Tracey Moffatt / 1987 / Australia / 17 mins
  • Radio Ruth Novaczek / 2011 /UK / 6 mins
  • Stages of Mourning Sarah Pucill / UK / 16mm / 2004 / 17 mins
  • Audience Barbara Hammer / USA, Canada, UK / 1982 / 16mm / 32 mins

Screening followed by a discussion with participating artists/filmmakers Sarah Pucill, Ruth Novaczek and Bev Zalcock, chaired by David Edgar


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