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Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style, 2014

Advanced Style

9 May 201422 Jun 2014

Ari Seth Cohen is a fashionista with a difference. Since 2008 his Advanced Style blog has chronicled the genius of New York’s most sartorially creative seniors.

Having already spawned an immensely popular book, Cohen’s luxuriously-bedecked ladies now arrive on the big screen in a blaze of colour. The older one gets, the less one feels bound by convention: many of the interviewees in this film—whose ages range from early 60s to mid-90s—regard their ‘fashionably’ dressed younger counterparts with bemused condescension. These are women who dress for the ‘theatre of life’ in their own inimitable ways, whether that means the sleek chic of classic haute couture or the free-spirited eccentricity of false eyelashes made from one’s own vividly dyed hair.

Without shying away from the challenges and infirmities that old age also brings, Advanced Style is a joyous celebration of those who refuse to stop being fabulous.

Advanced Style Trailer

Advanced Style, dir. Ari Seth Cohen, US 2014, 75 mins

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