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Abigail Child, Unbound, 2013

Ada & After: Women Do Science [Fiction]: Unbound + Readings

23 Nov 2014

Imagine Mary Shelley’s home movies… In this portrait of the artist as a young woman in love and exile, Abigail Child does just that.

Shot on 16mm in Rome, this dreamy film (recutting her Shelley biopic A Shape of Error) plunges us into the amazing mind that made Frankenstein.

+ Experimental science fiction poetry by Sophie Robinson and readings by Isabel Waidner.

Multibuy offer:
£8 if you book for 2-4 screenings and £7 if you book for 5-7 screenings; offer only available on full price tickets

Unbound, dir. Abigail Child, 2013, 67 mins. UK premiere

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