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Photo: Leleo e os Maravilhas

Acid Quantitum Kabula Night feat. Leleo

6 Oct 2007

From Acid Jazz, a night of events exploring Brazilian contemporary art and culture through dance, music and film. Leleo and his band together with DJ Dudam are coming especially from Rio to perform, and Rio/Austin/London-based capoeira group Kabula will play songs and percussion as part of October's Encontro de Capoeira event, while Quantitum Solutions brings to the ICA the film Mandinga in Manhattan, a documentary looking at the development of capoeira, with footage going back as far as 1938 Salvador. This will be a UK premiere, featuring Interviews with the capoeira masters João Grande and Cobra Mansa.

Film starts at 8pm. Entry to the cinema is on a first come, first served basis.


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