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Pia Borg and Edward Lawrenson, Abandoned Goods, 2014

Abandoned Goods + Panel Discussion

11 Sep 2016

Following the screening, there is a panel discussion with director Ed Lawrenson, co-curator of Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond (Wellcome Collection) Mike Jay and Chair of Adamson Collection Trust and consultant psychiatrist Dr David O'Flynn

In 1946 doctors at Netherne Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Surrey, opened a studio for patients to make art. Conceived as a laboratory for diagnostic purposes, the studio was one of the first of its kind. Facilitated by the artist Edward Adamson, it soon became a site for free expression. Over the decades, the hospital’s residents created thousands of artworks, most destroyed when the hospital closed in 1993. Charting the fate of the 5,500 surviving art objects, Abandoned Goods tells the history of the collection. Blending archive, rostrum and observational footage, it explores the transformation of the objects, from clinical material to revered art, examining the lives of the creators and the changing contexts in which the work was produced and displayed. 

Written and directed by Pia Borg and Edward Lawrenson. Produced by Kate Ogborn and Lisa Marie Russo.

Abandoned Goods, dir. Pia Borg and Edward Lawrenson, UK 2014, 40 mins


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