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71 – Into the Fire, Dir John H Lee, 2010

71 – Into the Fire

14 Nov 2010

At the beginning of the Korean War the North army were raging through the South and in retaliation every able bodied man were quickly enlisted. With the war progressing so quickly there was little time to give proper military training to the new recruits leaving many to the slaughter. The film deals with the real events and people involved when 71 students found themselves fighting back numerous waves of North soldiers and how they dealt with the overwhelming situations they found themselves in.

With very stylistic direction from John H Lee previously known for touching romance films such as Sayonara Itsuka and A Moment to Remember the horror and confusion of this dark part of Korean history shines a light on the unknown contributes of teenagers. One of the central actors is T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyeon) the hugely successful singer from Korean band Big Bang shows that he is also a serious up-and-coming actor.

Dir John H Lee, S.Korea 2010, Digibeta, 120 mins


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