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3 Iron, Dir. Kim Ki-Duk, South Korea 2005

3 Iron

15 Jun 201217 Jun 2012

Controversial South Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk's films have been met with critical acclaim worldwide since his debut in the mid-90's and we are pleased to be showing three of the director's most important films this June.

Tae-suk drifts around on his motorcycle looking for empty houses to stay in. He goes from door to door and puts up flyers in the keyholes of each house. Later, he breaks into the house where the flyer has not been removed, assuming the owner is away; he then lives in the empty house until the owners return, but never steals or ruins anything. He simply guards the house for a few days, fixing broken items, and even does the owner’s laundry. Before leaving, he puts everything back as it used to be.  

Dir. Kim Ki-Duk. 2005, South Korea. Korean with English subtitles. 87 mins.
Cast: Lee Seung-Yeon, Lee Hyun-Kyoon, Ju Jin-mo, Choi Jeong-ho, Lee Joo-suk, Lee Mi-suk, Moon Sung-hyuk.


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E.g., 22-09-2018