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Bernadette Corporation, The Complete Poem (Walther Konig, 2010)

2 Wasted Days with Travis Jeppesen: An Object-Oriented Writing Workshop

13 Apr 2013

Object-oriented writing is a methodology through which practitioners might evolve their own individual poetics of art criticism. Object-oriented writing positions itself within the work of art, and also includes all the necessary contradictions and impossibilities embedded within such an approach. This allows a multiplicity of possible writings, ways, approaches, to flow forth, wherein the impulse of formlessness becomes the form. It could be suggested that the father of object-oriented writing is the Gertrude Stein of Tender Buttons, the mother the Roland Barthes of Mythologies. However, object-oriented writing is more likely their aborted fetus, having been revivified on a UFO by an extra-dimensional alien race that exists on a plane parallel to our own and returned to this reality in order to contaminate it.

This two-part workshop will take Bernadette Corporation’s The Complete Poem as a model. The participants will enter, via writing, individual works in the exhibition, as well as the exhibition as a whole, putting Jeppesen’s idea of writing inhabiting objects – a visceral, poetic model of art writing – into practice. Through processing and editing material together into our own Complete Poem, the workshop will explore the problems and possibilities of collective writing.

Participants are asked to bring their chosen writing tool, whether a notebook, tablet or laptop.

A single ticket covers both days of the workshop.


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E.g., 22-09-2018