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Image: 12 Stone Toddler

12 Stone Toddler + Shona Foster

25 Sep 2007

Brighton's Finest presents 12 Stone Toddler + Shona Foster

After releasing their much acclaimed debut album Does It Scare You? in July on Amazon Records, 12 Stone Toddler celebrate the release of their forthcoming single Candles on the Cake with a headline gig at the ICA , their first major London date since the release of their album.

Highly original, musically outrageous, stylistically uncompromising, very spontaneous, Brighton's 12 Stone Toddler are a synthesis of all that's good about contemporary adventurous rock music.

12 Stone Toddler make you dance and laugh and generally make you feel like the coolest cat on the strip.

If Robert Johnson sold his soul at the crossroads to play guitar the way he did, then these pranksters have surely juggled skulls in dingy Brighton basement voodoo rituals to write songs this damn catchy. With a golden-voiced singer who can swing from gravelyspook-shows to exhilaratingly colourful circus rallies and a magic musical box filled with kick ass guitars, action packed big band brass, listening to the gigantic 12 Stone Toddler WILL make you cooler.


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