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12 Angry Lebanese, Dir Zeina Daccache, 2009

12 Angry Lebanese: The Documentary

30 Mar 2011

In Lebanon's largest prison, inmates stage a version of Reginald Rose’s play 12 Angry Men. Revealing the tremendous dignity and despair of the prisoners, Zeina Daccache's inspired project transforms their lives, offering an extraordinary experience for the audience. For nearly a year and a half, 45 prison inmates found themselves working together to present their version of the play, here re-named 12 Angry Lebanese. A theatre director, specialising in working with disadvantaged and traumatised people, Zeina Daccache is a powerhouse. The drama therapy sessions, the interviews with the inmates, and the interaction with both Daccache and the audience convey an extraordinary message of trust, forgiveness and change. Daccache exposes the complex layers of each actor’s personality as well as the remarkable evolution they experience as a group.

Dir Zeina Daccache, Lebanon 2009, 78 mins, subtitles


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E.g., 22-09-2018