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Our new online project Art Rules is now open!

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23 Aug 2013

Our new online project Art Rules is now open to everyone.

You may have read that we hosted an event a few weeks ago to launch the project into beta. We've ironed out some bugs and updated the design since then, and now the site's ready for everyone to use.

Essentially, the website invites you to write a short statement, or ‘rule’, about art in 140 characters. Once you’ve stated your rule, other users can then agree or disagree with it as well as share it and debate it with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Art Rules is for anyone who wants to be involved in the contemporary art debate. What makes it unique is being able to engage with artists, curators and critics directly, some of which have input rules into the site (and there are more to come).

Debate has always been at the core of what the ICA does best through our talks programme. With Art Rules, we are hoping to create an informed debate platform for those who have specialist knowledge of the arts, as well as a wider audience. In the spirit of our founding principles, we’re using this site to bring the artists we work with and our audiences together, and to engender discussion around the arts.

Created by digital pioneers SapientNitro, we wanted to create a space online that was a fun way to share and engage in the ongoing debate around art, and see, over time, what the most contentious or popular talking points are in one place. We’re not trying to endorse any specific viewpoint - we’re just reflecting the conversation that’s already happening between our members in the building, and taking it online to encourage further discussion.

Thank you for the feedback of those that took part in our beta.

There will be more functionality to come, so keep your eyes peeled, but for now please write a rule and get involved!


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